David Justian (initials D.J), was born 1988 and comes from Central Bohemia. Since his little childhood he was educated at music and took private piano lessons. Around 1997, he began to feel dance music when he by chance participated the local event in Netherlands. Afterthat he started to be concerned and keen about dance music, as far as by the end of 2000 he sailed in music industry himself and started to work on creating his own production. Let´s say, from the really start, it was more commercial music. As he was bored after certain time he fell for underground. In his sets we can find deep trance sounds, from house, electro to progressive style.

The main pillar in his carreer was the year 2004 when he launched his own production. He established his own studio where he works currently. Also, he experienced working as a dj in radio after he was successfully selected during casting. In summer of 2009 his name was mentioned in the book about Czech dance music „Electronic music in Bohemia“ by Soňa Peroutková.

In 2006 he became resident of Benešov club „Na Kanále“ where he played for almost one year. That time using the cover name DeeJayBoy. He then moved back to Prague in the club „Chateau rouge“. In 2007 he was fully dedicated to playing – in Prague O2 bar, together with Mr. Pervzident organised several successful events called: „ The Sounds of Netherlands“ Afterthat he transfered to „Gecko Music Bar“ where he together with DJ MCB were organizing the night called „Voices“, on a regular basis. As a guests we can name The Progressice Brother or Luis Lamborghini and many others.

After all, David is not only producer and DJ but what´s more he becomes match–maker. During the event „Four Season“ he played beside his colleagues Chris Sadler, TUTA, Irvin Small, Fabio Guitierez. There was not any long pause and the resident night „The Sence of House“ was born. This party was a very successful one, hold in Prague club „Vertigo“. David got the oportunity to play with K-SANDRA, ELITE, Petr Hauz, N-Zym. During one year, many interesting events were organised. Shortly refer to „La Fiesta“, „Deep Inside“, „Sound of Silence“ or „Expectation“ as one of the most recent one in the club „Smart Club Styx“.

For sure, when it comes to all his successful events we can´t omit Davide´s last birthday party in the club „Červ“. David´s longtime friend Martin Hájek took part.

At the present time David is working on the brand new concept, something which he found missing on the Czech music scene.

Regarding future plans, David would like to go in both for hiw own production and playing itself. With no doubt, he is getting ready lots of new projects and we will hear a lot about him!

ClubsSaSaZu Prague, Mecca Prague, The Sun Festival, Yes Club, Trinity, Fragola, Le Mirage, JET SET, O2, Gecko, Sýpka, Inside, Manana Music Bar, Molotow, Vertigo, Styx, Chateau Rouge, Červ, Guru, World Club, Občanská Plovárna, PM Music Bar, Mystery and many others...
With DJs: Jerry Ropero /D/, Marc Simz, DiVasco, Renvo, Kay Wilder /NL/, Sterise /NL/, Milan Kroužil, Spark7, Subgate, Chris Sadler, Carrione aka DieselPhunk, Tuta ,MCB, K-SANDRA, ELITE,Martin Hájek, Petr Hauz, Sunafera, The Progressive Brothers, N-Zym, Irvin Small, Fabio Guitierez, Luis lamborghini, Houba, Kouba, Daemon, Daun, DJ Men and many others…